Drew Duncan
Global Human Resources Director

I have known Al Sullivan for over 15 years and had the privilege of hiring Inspirus during my tenure with Eisai. For several years Al’s firm managed talent acquisition activities for our fill finish and oral solid dose manufacturing plant until we sold the facility to Biogen in 2015. He provided a variety of talented professionals across multiple levels from leadership positions to individual contributors. Moreover, Al assessed our workforce using a diversity lens to help us identify opportunities for better engagement with staff. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping people at any stage of their career. I highly recommend Inspirus to anyone in need of strong HR consulting services to address your business challenges.

Josh Jones
Frankel Staffing Partners

We hired Al as a keynote for our Raleigh Metro SHRM Strategic Summit. With many speakers able to talk on the topic of DEI and Inclusivity – we needed to find the right one. It was apparent that Al’s content was going to be more than just a generic presentation. With many exclusive takeaways, action items, and “yes!” moments – there is no doubt we hired the right guy. I’d highly recommend Al as a speaker to any organization.

Claudine Woods
Office Administration
Alston & Bird LLP

I serve as President of the Raleigh Durham Chapter Association of Legal Administrators (RDU ALA). Our Chapter hosts monthly meetings, many of which include educational content. RDU ALA was honored to host Al Sullivan as our guest speaker recently where he presented on “Creating and Leading an Inclusive Culture.” Al is a dynamic presenter and an expert on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Leadership. He made the training interactive and interesting, and we walked away with practical tips we could apply at our respective firms. I highly recommend Al as a speaker – he is outstanding!

Tashima Waller, M.HS
Innovative Thought Leader | DEI Consultant | Master Coach | L&D Professional, The Best Choice

I had the immense pleasure of attending a workshop facilitated by Al Sullivan in March of 2022 on DEI Strategy and Planning. Al’s knowledge and understanding of the complex discipline of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how an organization can move from lip-service to action was invigorating. Al presented the content in a refreshing, easy to understand, and energizing format. I personally left the session intrigued and empowered to share the wisdom, best practices, and guiding principles I obtained during the five-hour session with my colleagues. I would highly recommend attending one of Al’s workshops.

Evelis Pena
Office On The Run

If you’re looking for balance in your professional and personal life, I highly recommend Al Sullivan, Founder & CEO of Inspirus Consulting. I have had the pleasure of sitting in several coaching sessions with Al and have discovered how another person’s perspective on your character and personality can make a huge impact on your career and life.

Al’s coaching’s have bought self-awareness which have helped me perform at a higher level in my role with the City of Raleigh and dealing with people in general. It’s so amazing to me on what he has shown me about myself that I never really thought about or even knew about. His coaching’s and recommendations have demonstrated many other ways of showing up in every situation in life.

Al will coach you on the distinctions of awareness’s and outcomes.
Every leader should have a life coach which will exhibit how to balance your career/life especially when you have a lot going on.

If you’re a leader, give yourself the gift of being coached by a strong non-judgmental, broadminded leader who has successfully coached many leaders in all levels.

Al, I have greatly enjoyed working with you and being coached by you in all aspects of my professional and personal life. Thank you for making a huge impact and bringing awareness and balance in my life. Your models and principles have been insightful and fun, I will forever be grateful and will forever be a LEVEL 5 plus.

Wesley Cate
Founder & CEO

I started working with Al in my previous role when we hired him as a consultant. We chose to work with him because of his rich experience, his breadth and depth of knowledge, and his compassionate and direct demeanor. The work his team did blended the best of data analysis and the human aspects of leadership development from the perspective of diversity and inclusion.

Even after moving on from my previous role, Al continues to be a trusted mentor and friend to me. He is a deep well of wisdom.

I regularly recommend Al and his team to my own clients when more complex questions of DEI emerge. And I do so because I trust his compassion, directness, and balanced processes.

Kevin Schnatter
Mechanical Engineer

Al is fantastic to work with. He is knowledgeable on both sides of the equation since he works with job seekers and HR departments. He has a well thought out plan of attack for seeking out job opportunities and how to convert leads into offers. I am positive that his help was instrumental in my landing a great job. I recommend his services to anyone looking for a career move in a highly competitive market. A+++++++++++++++ All the stars!

Melvin Ingram Jr. CSM. CDR
Executive Talent Advisor
Centene Corporation

As a client of Al Sullivan and Inspirus Consulting, I can with confidence recommend their/his services to ANYone and EVERYone! If you are looking for career growth, personal growth, life organization skills an accountability partner, or even if you want to find trajectory on your life, he is the best in the business. Al took his time to help guide me through my cloud of ideas, to help me re-focus on what is most important, tangible and achievable, while simultaneously providing me a realistic trajectory for my goals! With his focused support, I was able to hit every single goal! Worth every moment!

Julie Bryce
B2B Tech | AI/ML Strategy and Go to Market
Pienso & Board Chair at Congo Initiative

Al’s humility and gentle demeanor is not a facade, but do not be fooled into thinking he’s going to take it easy on you. Al Sullivan will force you to face hard things about yourself, your priorities and what holds you back. If you’re looking to grow as a leader, grow wiser when you face your same old stumbling blocks and move into problem-solving with more power, positivity and elegance – Al is the coach you need. If I had met Al earlier in my career, and embraced his coaching sooner, I can only imagine how much better I would have been – at leading teams, managing change and facing tough conversations. Now I’m 37 and I’m grateful I’m making the investment now, so I can be my best for the rest. Al is gentle but tough, wicked smart but a force for good, approachable yet strategic. He never forgets a thing you tell him and contextualizes his spot-on feedback with a rare sense of knowing, both you and the situations you face. Don’t most leaders aspire to these same dualities? I know I do.

Rusty Lindsey
Regional Vice President – Local Government at Oracle; Board Vice-Chair, Habitat for Humanity – NC

Al is an experienced, knowledgeable adviser who assisted our non-profit organization in reviewing our mission, goals and objectives, conducted multiple planning and survey activities, and briefing and coaching the executive team on findings, best practices, implementation and long-term organizational excellence. Al is patient, assertive and was very skilled at guiding a group of ‘Type A’ individuals to collective introspection and improvement. As a business leader and manager who has taken many course on leadership and organizational development, Al is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with. A true professional with real value add!

Steven Crenshaw
Principal Statistical Programmer at Clinical Solutions Group (CSG, Inc.)

Al is extremely knowledgeable in HR and will get results. After graduating I spend 6 months looking for a job in all the wrong ways, after talking with Al I had an interview within 2 weeks and they hired me 1 to 2 weeks later

John Carpenter
Independent Aviation & Aerospace Professional

Mr. Sullivan was always a focused JROTC cadet…he had a vision and he continues to capture all in his field of view. If I hand one single man to select for a difficult job involving planning, training, mentoring and community involvement he would be Number One on my list of candidates.

Mr. Sullivan also comes with myriad skills received as a US Army Ranger, in Infantry officer with command time in combat that adds to his skills base.

I suggest you don’t pass this man up…I hastily recommend Mr. Sullivan.

Audrey Kelsey
Sr. Vice President
KEF Media

Al Sullivan is an extraordinary coach. I’ve learned so much from him that’s really made me rethink things as both an employee and a manager. When it comes to either finding the job you want or getting what you need out of the job you already have, Al has the tools to help you dig deep and uncover the characteristics of the ideal job for you. He asked me once, “when will you give yourself permission to do exactly what makes you happy?” Thanks for helping me answer that question, Al!

Jeannette Theora
Clinical Operations Lead| Clinical Research Associate

During my final semester at NC State, the pressure to find a job became very real as my graduation date approached. As my job application process progressed, I realized that my interview skills suffered and had therefore prevented me from accurately presenting myself to potential employers. Although I was able to secure many interviews, I had never taken a second thought to thoroughly analyze position requirements and using them to present my skills, and qualifications for the position. I began working with Al Sullivan in order to improve my resume, writing skills, and interview skills. Al introduced me to the various strategies and interview methods that employers use to screen for potential employers. He took the time to create mock interview situations where he presented questions based on a position’s requirements and job duties. I was able to learn to carefully highlight my strengths and skills, in order to articulate how I could meet an employer’s needs. Learning how to tackle behavioral interview questions was the most challenging part of the experience because it forced me to become a fast thinker showing a potential employer how I would handle myself in difficult situations. My time with Al Sullivan helped build my confidence in my interview process and I was successful in securing a position at Quintiles as a clinical trials assistant. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an inspiring, and encouraging person who pushed and motivated me to work hard and take steps toward the career I desire.

Tyrone Williamson
Management Accountant
City of Raleigh

Inspirus Consulting is a professional development market leader. I highly recommend Inspirus’s resume/interview coaching to professionals that are preparing for promotional opportunities and career advancement, a few short hours of preparation with Inspirus resulted in a promotion with more challenging opportunities for me. Inspirus is up to date with the direction that organizations take in today’s environment to evaluate the impact and skillsets of candidates seeking career opportunities. Ask for Al Sullivan, I was surprised at how much I learned in the process of preparing for a recent interview with Al’s coaching. The feedback I received from the interviewers was outstanding and the approach to sharing my experiences that Inspirus taught helped me to connect with the interview panelists.

Mary Huntington, MSOD, PHR
Organization Development/Talent Development & Engagement Consultant

I had the honor and privilege of being partnered with Al as an Executive Coach for six months. My experience was wonderful and I am so appreciative of the opportunity. Al was thoughtful, intentional, and caring and provided me with meaningful feedback to help shift my mindset and approach as I worked through my master’s degree and juggled a full-time job. His guidance and support have provided me with a new perspective that I continue to use now. He allowed me to see strengths in myself and challenged me to question my approaches in order to gain insight into my own self. My self-awareness and confidence have grown as a result of my coaching with Al and I am excited to maintain my connection with him as I progress in my education and career.

CEO at Kent Chamber of Commerce

Dynamic, thoughtful and passionate describes Al’s teaching style on diversity and inclusion. I recently had the honor of earning my CDP from The National Diversity Council where Al was a facilitator. In the 2 days I was able to spend with Al I walked away with a few golden nuggets that will help me sustain as I pursue a career with diversity and inclusion at the core of my work. First is, the work starts with me, I must do my work and I must continue to be honest about my own biases. The second was to journal. Through my journal I can explore my thought process to ensure I am clear on the situation I am in and also clear on the influence that I have over the situation as well. Al’s style was creative, energetic and memorable which is the main reason you should have him speak with your staff or organization to ignite change to create a culture of inclusion!

Azura Stevens
Professional Athlete, WNBA
Los Angeles Sparks

It was a pleasure to work with Al Sullivan and begin to figure out a plan for what my future off seasons and post professional career will look like. Mr. Al took me through a series of questions to get me thinking about some of my interests and what those interests look like in terms of a future career. Being able to talk through different ideas for my career was so inspiring and very encouraging to me. The possibilities are really endless, and I was able to truly see that with the guidance of Mr. Al. To wrap up, he took me box by box through “The Business Model Canvas”, which was very helpful so that I can effectively use it. I’m very thankful for the time Mr. Al took to help me talk through all of these things and I look forward to our future meetings!!!

Amy Climer, Ph.D., CSP
Creativity & Innovation Speaker, Trainer, Coach, and Emcee

I recently saw Al give both a keynote and workshop at the KEY5 Conference in Raleigh, NC. He has in-depth experience with helping organizations become more diverse and inclusive. His Five Star Model of Intersectional Diversity helps organizations focus on becoming more inclusive in all levels. He is a professional, dynamic speaker. I recommend Al as a keynote speaker on diversity and inclusion!

Trish Saemann
Marketing Consultant
GoBeyond SEO

Al gave both a keynote and workshop at the KEY5 Conference in Raleigh, NC. His Five Star Model of Intersectional Diversity helps organizations focus on becoming more inclusive on all levels. What struck me most was how comfortable he made his audience. He is a professional, dynamic speaker. I recommend Al as a keynote speaker on diversity and inclusion!

Gregory Bibbs MBA
Director of In Stock at Ahold Delhaize

Al is an excellent executive coach and mentor. He sets the goals with you collaboratively and together his process helps you attain the desired result. He tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. He has specific tools in his toolbox applicable to a plethora of situations. He and his company are an investment that guarantee a ROI.

Yannet Daniel
MD Candidate
University of Michigan Medical School

During my last semester as an undergraduate at Duke University, the job search process became increasingly overwhelming. Knowing that I wanted to work in the pharmaceutical industry and knowing his prior experiences, Al Sullivan was the perfect coach to help me begin navigating my own career path. While qualified on paper, I did not know how to always translate experiences and skills that I developed through undergrad in an interview setting. Most importantly, I never considered approaching the job application from the perspective of the hiring manager. Through various presentations and a one-on-one mock interview, Al Sullivan coached me through behavioral and situational questions, and helped me be straightforward, concise, and confident in my responses. Ultimately, he introduced me to the effective techniques I would eventually need to secure my first job with GlaxoSmithKline as an Associate Manufacturing Specialist. I am extremely grateful to have learned from someone who is not only an expert in his field, but is also invested in my future success!

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    Lillie Marshall

    BA, Psychology – Univ of St Thomas

    Daring Way Facilitator, ICF accredited Life Coach (ACC), Energy Leadership Master Practitioner

    Specializes in working w/ women 40+ who are at a turning point in their careers & want to find new possibilities in their work & personal lives. 30 years of Corporate Leadership experience in the Financial Services industry coaching & developing talent & leading powerful teams. Recent projects include Customer Service Redesign, Assessment and Rewards program redesign, Business Continuity program, and Attendance policy redesign. Lillie enjoys cooking, gardening, traveling and being with her granddaughter.

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    Jessica Samuels

    PhD, Learning & Organizational Change – Baylor Univ. M.Ed, Instructional Design & Tech – Towson Univ. MS, Education Admin & Curriculum – McDaniel College

    NCOPE – Nat’l Resume Writers’ Assoc. Cert Professional Career Coach (CPCC) – Professional Assoc of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC). Cert Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) - PARWCC. Cert Diversity Professional (CDP) – Nat’l Div Council. Cert Prof Coach (CPC) – CLCI. Cert Change Management Practitioner (CCMP) - Prosci ®

    20 years developing learning & OD programs for many international orgs. She has worked in Global Talent Mgmt, including workforce career development, DEI programs, employee resource groups, leadership development, e-learning design, employee onboarding & training, succession planning, employee engagement initiatives, & human capital strategic planning.

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    Lawrence Henderson

    Ph.D. Candidate, Organizational Leadership, MS Human Resource Management, BA Technical Education and Training

    Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – International Coaching Federation (ICF), Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

    18 yrs. Professional experience (Corporate Trainer, HR Manager/Leader, Mentor Coach/ Trainer, Adjunct Professor, U.S. Army Officer) Big Brothers Big Sisters, Urban League, Growing Leaders Board Member, Harley Davidson enthusiast, loves anything food-related, and loves traveling with his family.

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    Bernard Theora

    Ph.D. Christian Counseling, MA Christian Counseling, Master of Science Agricultural Economics, BA Economics

    Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) – Life Coach Institute of Orange County, Program Investment Appraisal and Management (PIAM) – Harvard Institute for Intl Development.

    25+ Years Professional experience (Program Director, IDRC; Program Director Hope Worldwide East Africa office; Founder of Synergy International CCT; Counselor, Mentor and Trainer of Peer Educators. Board Member Morris Moses Foundation, Kenya Christian Fellowship in America (KCFA), Kenya National Council of Elders Diaspora.

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    Bridgette Simmonds

    M.A., Marriage & Family Therapy /Counseling – Argosy Univ. B.S., Business – Marketing – Univ of S FL

    Inst of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Professional Cert Coach – ICF. Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) – iPEC Coaching. CPC – iPEC Coaching.

    20+ years in Business Dev & Marketing in one of the largest financial services corporations in the world. She coaches individuals, groups & has had the opportunity to coach business owners & professionals of many diverse industries. She’s an open book, a prankster who loves scaring people, and twice, has tried out for American Idol.

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    Cornelia Bearyman

    MBA, Mgmt. Consulting & Strategy/Marketing – Cox School of Business. MBA, Semester Abroad – Melbourne Business School. BA, Communication – Univ of Michigan

    WBENC, Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership (ELI-MP). She has also been credentialed as both a Professional and Board-Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation and Center for Credentialing Education.

    Cornelia is a sought-after speaker, professional development and diversity consultant and strategic planning expert who works with clients to expand their capacity, increase their capability and drive clarity in the organization to ultimately increase the retention and advancement of mission critical talent. She has 25+ years experience in sales, sales training and development, and HR and is considered among the best in personal and professional development.

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    LaTisha Codkind

    MBA, Business Admin & Management - NSU Florida, BS, Accounting - University of Central Florida

    12+ years’ experience as a certified Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt.

    LaTisha has worked in the supply chain industry for 18 years progressing to leading transformational customer initiatives on a global scale. Her unique ability is in delivering the rigor of “Six Sigma speak” in everyday language.  She has led numerous successful Kaizen events delivering savings of $10M in total. Roles include Director, Global Customer Initiatives & Owner, and The Accountess Bookkeeping Services. She resides in Chandler, AZ with her husband, her Wheaten Terror Blu and extended family. She enjoys volunteering and travel.

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    Ross Grubel

    BS, Aerospace Studies, MS in Management, & MBA, Aviation– Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ, MS, Organizational Development – American Univ

    SAFe Product Owner/Produce Management (PO/PM).

    15+ years professional work experience in digital business transformation and organization development. Industries include federal government, non-profit organizations/NGOs, and global retailers. Associate Director Product Management for a global digital business transformation consultancy. President, AU/NTL Association (NGO) Management Analyst, US Department of Homeland Security. Ross enjoys aviation, travel, cooking, and languages/cultures.

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    Arquella Hardgrove

    BS, HR Mgmt. – Ottawa Univ. Executive MBA – TX Woman’s Univ

    Multiple certs in personality behavioral assessments (Birkman, DISC, MBTI, Insights, Personalysis), certified facilitator, HR (PHR and SHRM-CP), master coaching, leadership development, conflict resolution, mediation, certified trainer, and Unconscious Bias Practitioner.

    A 25+-year record of creating and implementing productivity- inducing practices through the application of strategic planning and OD in both the public & private sectors. Executive and Professional Coach specializing in supporting professionals in navigating their roles in leadership and business.

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    Stan Kimer

    BS Management Science, Georgia Tech, MBA Finance and Accounting, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    Certified Out and Equal Workplace Advocates Building Bridges Trainer, Certified Training Management Corp / Berlitz Cultural Competency Trainer / Practitioner.

    President & Owner, Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer, 11 years. Director of Global Sales Operations, IBM, 3 years. Manager of Operations for IBM Global Sales, IBM, 5 years. Global LGBT Program Manager, IBM 4 years. Operations Manager for IBM Corporate Strategy, 1 year.

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    Nancy Winfrey

    PhD, Adult Learning & Development - Lesley University, Med, Training & Organizational Development - NC State University

    Leading for Equity, Inclusion & Diversity in Higher Ed – Univ Michigan, Counseling in Education Grad Cert – NC State Univ, Advanced Cert of Dialogue Education Design – Global Learning Partners, Inc

    Her teaching and training experience spans 25 years of work with adults in Nonprofit Management, Leadership Development, Corporate Training, and Higher Education. For fourteen years she was founding director of a nonprofit organization supporting education in Central America and is experienced with the principles and practices of sustainable engagement in cross-cultural settings. Nancy enjoys hobbies such as “The Learning Lightbulb, outdoor activities and working for the common good.

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    Dave Jamieson

    PhD, Organizational Design & Development - UCLA, BS, Business Administration - Drexel University

    David is a retired professor of Organization Development (OD) & Change at the University of St Thomas. He is a distinguished visiting scholar in 3 other graduate OD programs. His work has involved consulting with over 100 organizations, coaching dozens of leaders, teaching next generations of leaders and change agents, and providing thought-leadership through publishing and speaking. His work has focused on leadership, organization change and transformations, Use of Self development for change agents and leaders, and strategic HR. He balances his time among partnering on change projects, formal and informal educational endeavors, presenting or writing his thinking for professional audiences, and coaching all who need to lead change.

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    Ahli Moore

    MS Communications, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. BS Communications, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

    Inclusive Global Leader Certification (Issued by International House Berkeley - Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership). Inclusive Behaviors Inventory℠ Certification (Issued by Aperian Global). TotalSDI Facilitator (Core Strengths). Courageous Leadership (Giant Leap Consulting)

    Georgia Council for International Visitors - Board of Trustees (2 years). FSU Alumni Association - Board of Directors (2 years). Association of Talent Development - Professional Plus Member. Project Uplift - Board of Directors (3 years). World Travel. Youth Leadership Development.

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    Shindale Seale

    BA - Language & Linguistics, California State University Dominguez Hills. MA - Teaching, University of Southern California (USC). Ed.D - Organizational Change & Leadership, University of Southern California (USC)

    African American Board Leadership Institute (AABLI) – member.

    Providing quality-of-life and entrepreneurial services to under-resourced communities globally. Teaching and facilitating workshops

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    Luz M. Gonzalez

    Bachelors in Management and Leadership – Rutgers University

    Cornell University – Workplace diversity equity and inclusion. ELVTR – Diversity equity and inclusion in the workplace USF. Emotional Intelligence with Daniel Goleman.

    Hispanic Chamber of Commerce New Jersey. Learning how to create authentic power from New York best seller Gary Zukav. Coaching women and their emotional intelligence and providing skills to advanced career progression.

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    Lauren McClain

    Ph.D. and M.A. in Sociology from Bowling Green State University, B.A. in Sociology from State University of New York at Albany

    Member of the American Evaluation Association, the American Sociological Association, National Council on Family Relations and the Population Association of America. Associate Professor of Sociology at Western Kentucky University, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Western Kentucky University, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Savannah State University (HBCU). Co-Owner of Grantibly, a grant evaluation consulting firm. International Association for Maternal Action and Scholarship.

    Lauren is a mother of two amazing children and a wife to her wonderful husband. Being an ally - using her voice, knowledge, and skills to support communities of color, the LGBTQ+ community, women, and other marginalized groups. She loves doing home and garden DIY projects and learning how to use new power tools!

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